Thursday, April 18

Sun Tan City sunless tanning review

The folks over at Sun Tan City contacted me and asked me to try out their sunless tanning, aka spray tanning! I don't know about you all, but once I turned 25 I started noticing fine lines and an overall change in my skin, so I do not do the tanning bed thing. But I do love a nice tan without the harmful effect of UV, so spray tanning is the way to go!

I don't spray tan on a regular basis, usually just for special occasions when I want to have a nice glow. I had been going to a local salon that sprays you by hand and had found that I got a better, more even spray when it was done by hand rather than in a booth. However, it seems they have made some improvements in the world of spray tanning booths in the years since I had visited one because I got awesome results when I visited Sun Tan City! My tan turned out even, not orange, and dried quickly.

Sun Tan City is offering client's their first visit for free to give the sunless tanning a test drive. Seriously, go try it out. I don't think you will be disappointed. STC offers a few options, light, medium, or dark, and you can choose between a clear spray that develops over time, or a bronzer spray that gives you color immediately. What works best for me is the medium bronzer option. When I tried the medium clear spray it wasn't as dark (even after giving it 8 hours to set in) and didn't seem to last as long. I've found that with the bronzer spray I have some nice color for at least 5 days. Of course it does start to fade, but it fades evenly and doesn't like flake off.

Go give it a try! Your first visit is free, so it can't hurt! You can find STC on FB and Twitter too!


Worthington said...

That sounds great! Does the color come off when you shade? That is always a deal breaker for me.

Sarah Brooke said...

I LOVE getting spray tans! I used to have someone spray me too and like you, randomly visited a booth for the first time since high school and realized it was pretty much just as good as having someone spray you and less awkward! Do we just print out that coupon to get the spray tan? I'll definitely be using it!

Steel Magnolia said...

Yes! I love the VersaSpa!! I think it does just as good as a job as a person doing it by hand. Sometimes you just need a good glow.

Natasha said...

i am a spray tan junkie...i can't help it!!! having some color year round makes me feel SO much better and i go to STC too!!! so glad you had a good experience ;)