Wednesday, September 18

My Favorite Wedding Vendors Part 1 - Serendipity Designs

Hello Ladies! Thanks for sticking with me while I took a bit of a blog hiatus. I've been busy busy getting settled into our new home and with our new puppy boy. (posts to come)

I know that all of you Spring 2014 brides are in the process of finding vendors for all the abundant - and essential if you ask me :) - wedding details and I wanted to get back here to share with you all my most favorite vendors from our wedding. I've been waiting to get our professional pictures in order to share them. To start, my calligrapher was FANTASTIC. Alana at Serendipity Designs is super talented and so fabulous to work with. She worked very hard to be sure that the art she produced was exactly what I was envisioning. And it was and so much more! I wanted clean, classic and crisp. Thus, we went with a timeless black on cream.

Alana created my escort cards, place cards and table numbers. I absolutely love how they turned out. In addition to how gorgeous her work is, she is affordable! Finding someone who could create the classic artwork (because calligraphy truly is an artwork) at a price point that fit within my budget was a must. Serendipity Designs delivered!

{photos by Bella Grace Photography}

I cannot recommend Serendipity Designs enough! 


Sarah Brooke said...

This came at the perfect time! Thanks for the tip! Everything looks beautiful. Congratulations!

Kate said...

SO excited to see you back! I've been following your blog for awhile now and was anticipating all of the post-wedding posts!

Alana OLSEN said...

Oh Katherine! The photos look so gorgeous! It was wonderful to work with you and I hope your wedding was everything you dreamed!

* said...

It's about damn time. Hahaha Love you and so happy you're back.

Albert einstien said...

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