Tuesday, September 22

Cake Love

Today, here on Wedding Week at Just Lovely, we are going to feature wedding cake! because who doesn't love cake!?

the first four cakes are some of my ALL TIME FAVES!

love the ribbon and love love love the table set up!

this would be so cute for a winter wedding!
the vintage bride and groom are adorable and i love the cake stand!

love the white on white details and the pretty topper!

love the one HUGE peony!

i like the idea of having a few smaller cakes on a cake stands...these may be a few too many but its such a cute picture!


Miss Type-A said...

I like the simple 2 tier blue one. Very cute and simple :)

Anonymous said...

I love looking at cakes! My favorite is the one with the wedding bells topper!

sarah said...

I love these cakes!

Anonymous said...

they are all gorgeous! i want to get married... again.

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

The pink polka dot is AMAZING!