Thursday, September 24

Do you all shop at They have a great selection of home decor items and furniture! i ordered this Martha Stewart dusty blue-green rug for only $116 and it was only $1 to ship! It is an unusual size at 3'9"x5'9" and i think it will work perfectly in the bedroom. {this rug was $579 at macys!}

i may also order this 5x8 Jute rug if I don't find anything more colorful that I love. and at only $64 I could always find a spot for it!


Miss Type-A said...

I love overstock. I've gotten my fiance a watch from there, our couch slipcover, and other things. I love that the shipping is a flat rate and that it's so cheap :) The prices are really great.

BRD said...

Oh - I LOVE those rugs, especially the top one! Great find!

--DC Prep

sarah said...

I have heard a lot of great things about lately!

pammycakes said...

love your blog! I'm an official follower now.

keep up the blogging!

Please check out mine.


Caroline said...

These rugs are darling! So cute! you have such great decor style!
About the hair, I blow it dry with a round brush, and use big sexy hair volumizing root boost. miracle product!