Tuesday, February 14

$1 manicure

Found these nail appliqué stickers at the check out at Michaels for $1.99...I had a 50% off coupon so I got them for a buck. Kinda tricky to get on and not sure how long they will last, but they are cute! You pretty much just apply them like a sticker and use the nail file to get the excess off around the nail. Finish with a clear coat of polish.

I've been wanting to try these, so for a dollar I pulled the trigger. Have you all tried them before? How long did they last?


i'm jess said...

They look cute! I haven't tried them but I may have to stop by Michaels and pick some up :)

JMB said...

I feel like these are for people who cannot paint their nails...people like moi :) Because those look flawless, I typically paint my whole hand.

Whitney said...

soooo cute!

I've only used the Sally Hansen ones and those lasted 2 weeks!

BeeBeeZfa said...

I did a post on the sally hansen hounds tooth one. I got tons of comments and it lasted longer than expected. Its fun so why not!

Kayln said...

I've never tried those one specifically but I LOVE glitter nails - I think they're so cute!

Ps. I tagged you in my post today :)

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

These are fab and for a dollar...can't beat that! New follower. ;)