Tuesday, August 28

Birthday Weekend

It has been a crazy 10 days! I totaled my car Saturday before last, so I have been bumming rides and car searching. Ben and I finally found me a car yesterday. It's good to have wheels again! This past weekend was my birthday. Lots of good friends, presents, junk food and fun! 

Dinner at Atomic Friday night. 

Chevy Chase Street Fair Saturday night. 

Sunday was my actual birthday. We celebrated with the fam!

 One of my presents from Ben! I love it! I'm a lucky girl - got all kinds of great gift from my family and friends!!

Oh and look what was waiting on me when I got to work today! Our Wedding Journal from Graphic Image. It's very nice in person, heavy and thick pages. Can't wait to put it to use! 


Kaolee said...

Pretty bracelet! How fun!

Erica Elia said...

Looks like so much fun!! Erica

Katherine Diane said...

Love the bow bracelet. Adorable!

Mrs. Jones said...

What a wonderful birthday! I'm ready for mine to get here! I'm a September baby!

Muffy said...

Soooo fabulous! Love the pics and that journal is BEYOND. Happy birthday!

Annie said...

Hope you're okay from your accident.

Love your Yurman.

I got the same.exact. journal but ours is the guest book. So crazy!

kate said...

Happy birthdaty! I love your bracelet- my husband just gave me the same one when our daughter was born and I wear it everyday.

Glitterista said...

Happy happy belated birthday! I loved seeing so many fun pictures on instagram. What a great gift from Ben, and I adore that Wedding Journal, especially with the personalization. :)

Hope you're okay after your accident--that sounds so scary!