Wednesday, August 8

WWW - a favorite source for weddings - ETSY!

I know by now we are all huge fans of Etsy.  I can spend hours (that is not an exaggeration) browsing the site and "hearting" all my fave items.  Etsy is not only a good source for purchasing things for your wedding, showers, gifting, etc, but I also use it as a source of inspiration for DIY projects.  Of course, the sellers on Etsy are probably none too happy to hear I'm using them for ideas rather than buying from them, but whatever.  Here are some of my current favorites for wedding purposes -

Fresh Boxwood wreath. Just add giant, cream silk bow!

Ivory bridal clutch.

Calligraphy favor tags/ placecards.

Sweet vintage wedding cake topper.

Cigar bands (I'd like to place some on our bourbon bar).

Gifts for the groomsmen. Just add beer!
For the Ceremony site.

Soooo many great idea and lovely things. I definitely recommend you spend some time searching Etsy if you are planning a wedding or any sort of event!


Laura Camarella said...

Hi! I bought that exact bridal clutch in ivory off etsy- and somehow in the excitement of the day I forgot to bring it to the wedding. I was so disappointed because it's perfect! It has been sitting on my desk for the past few weeks and I'm not sure what to do with it. If you're interested, I would love to sell it. I can send you a copy of the order/ email/ pics if you like. :)

Laura Camarella said...
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amit said...

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Anonymous said...

I know I'll be using Etsy for some wedding decor, but your right, it is a good idea for DIY projects. It probably saves a lot of money too, rather than buying! I really like the wreath, with a ribbon! Not sure if it would be good for a summer wedding, though!


Al said...

I have to have that clutch. Even though I'm not a bride. :)
Lovvvve Etsy!!