Thursday, January 24


Lately I think I've got the SAD :( As per usual this time of year. Kentucky can be so gloomy in January and February. Thank goodness I have a fabulous bachelorette trip with all my favorite ladies planned for early March. We will be headed to Charleston, and I'm praying for some sunshine and warm temps! Speaking of bachelorette party, how adorable are these little invites I discovered on Etsy?!

I'm SO over wedding planning. Like seriously. Done. Can June 1 just hurry its sweet a** on up and get here already!?! I can't believe I am admitting that I'm tired of the planning, but truly, over a year of it has really given me my full. However it is getting down to crunch time, so unfortunately I can't just put it off until this moment passes. How hysterical is this pillow I saw on Pinterest?! Love it!

Ben is still away for work, so my evenings consist of me sitting on my laptop and watching TV. Exciting stuff. I had lunch with a girlfriend today and she was asking where I had been, not having heard from me. You know where I've been? Sitting at my house having the SADs. I despise the tanning bed, but maybe that would be effective until I can get some real sun. I live for Sunday nights,  sadly, they are the highlight of my week.

In other news the baby shower I'm co-hosting at the end of February is going to be Pink Gator themed. The mamma-to-be is a FL Gators fan, and we thought her sweet little girl will likely be forced into being a fan as well ;) (we will be sure she gets some UK in her life too!!). I don't really like over the top themed-out showers, so I think we are aiming for girly pinks and greens, with some accents of pink gator.

What's new in your world?! Is this time of year as slow for you as it is for me?! 


Megan - Style Me Swanky said...

Wedding planning is for the birds! I'm over it, too! Tired of spending money, sending email after email, and trying to keep track of deadlines and such. Ugh!

Erin said...

I'm not going to lie- I'm a little over it too...I'm ordering invitations this weekend and my to do list is just growing and growing. I keep telling C that I'm just ready to be married to him and for June 16. We're almost there!!

Annie said...

I'm with you girl....ready for this wedding to be done and get on with life! I'm tired of worrying about it!

Danielle said...

I can't think of a better place to have a bachelorette party! I know you girls will have so much fun.

And how cute are those little shoes?! My wallet is glad I didn't have girls (:

Chelsea said...

Cute! I miss you! You need to get Skype so we can chat more often.

Kristin said...

love those invites!!