Wednesday, September 8

blogger/twitter date

I've recently talked to some of the local blogger & twitter ladies and we all decided it was time for another date! Who is in?!

What works best for everyone? I'm thinking soon... Maybe a Saturday brunch at Ramsey's or a Thursday night for wine at Harry's? Ideas?! Email me or comment here.

OR (and I think this is a GREAT idea) we could meet on a Tuesday at Wines on Vine for:


Ladies, join us every Tuesday for great Martinis, great nails and a great time! $10 gets you a Manicure and a Martini. Our partner nail salon swings on by to pamper you with a much deserved manicure starting at 5:30pm  -  until we’re finished.

Keep in mind that we could always do more than one date, so if everyone can't make it - No worries! 


Brit said...

give me some dates and I'm in!

Danielle said...

I love the Martini and Manicure but week nights would be tough for me. I could do a weekend day easier - if it wasn't during a UK football game of course! Sounds fun!

Lauren said...

I'm game for whatever! Not UK football game days would be ideal though...

Jill said...

I'm in! :) Also prefer a non-UK football game day...and maybe before/after WEG? I know I'm hard to please ;)