Wednesday, September 29

hair woes

Saw this picture of Resse over at Day Old News and I REALLY wish my hair could look like this...but it is super straight and doesn't hold curl. I have a lot of hair, but it is very fine. What products do you all use to thicken your hair? I part my hair far to the right, and when I try to wear it down it seems like the left side is just lifeless and flat...any tips? I almost wish I were blonde just so I could use dry shampoo to give me some texture and because my hair is so fine it starts to look oily only a few hours after washing - especially my bangs that lay on my face. :(

Tips? Suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I have really dark/fine/oily hair, and I've found that I can use dry shampoo without it being visible, as long is it's the spray kind. Just spray it on your roots, rub in with fingers, brush out, then I'm good to go!

Sassy In The South said...

Wow, her hair looks fantastic in that picture! I've been struggling with the same thoughts all day -- I am so over my straight/lifeless/thin hair. I need some major thickening/volumizing miracle products. If you find out about any, please let me know!

Kerr said...

ojon aersol dry shampoo, I have dark hair and you cant see it! I dont know how I ever lived without it.

Brunch at Saks said...

I love her hair! I use Aveda's shampoo/conditioner and some of their volumizing products. They work really well!

REBrown said...

I have flat lifeless hair too. I've tried Samy Fat Hair and it left my hair feeling very sticky and tangly! I'll be interested to see what other are using that's working for them. Good luck on your search!


Lauren said...

First I LOVE your hair--you are crazy. But,

I think Pssssst dry shampoo at Ulta (i know sounds sketch, but it works) has a formula for dark hair. I use their blonde version and love it.

I always blowdry my hair upside down and sometimes sleep with it in a loose bun in a silk scrunchie near the top of my head.

My Two Cents ...before I spend it said...

I have very fine hair too. I use Big Sexy Hair Mousse & it really makes a difference.

After blow drying my hair upside down, I take the cool setting on my dryer and cool off my hair completely while it my hair is still flipped over upside down. Then spray with Pantene's new hairspray for fine hair.

Flip your hair back over and lightly brush it out.

Works great!

ps. I love Reese & her hair always looks great!

PinkLouLou said...

sister i will fix you up! ;) xoxo

Mrs. SE said...

Reese always has the best hair. Saw her at our mall here in Nashville and she looked equally as fabulous as she does in People Mag. Dry shampoo is my savior because I have fine, oily hair- but it's blonde. I'm SO jealous of my friends who have hair that needs to be washed every 3 days.