Wednesday, September 1

Happy September

Well, summer is officially coming to an end. The pool will be closing soon and I will have absolutely nothing to do with my's sad around here ya'll!! ha! I need to get a job, any job.

Anyways....who is excited for football season!? ME! Actually, not really the game of football but rather, tailgating! Nothing quite like a crisp fall afternoon spent with friends & family outside Commonwealth Stadium followed by a looong night at Two Keys.

In anticipation of the upcoming tailgating football season & in true Just Lovely fashion, I whipped up this snazzy wreath for my friends Brittany and Pat. No worries, I made sure they also had a UK wreath (displayed on the FRONT door).

Just need some ribbon, wooden letters, glitter & paint from the craft store. Make bow, add paint and glitter and you're done!


Monique said...

Very pretty!!

Charlie said...

cute wreath! very fun :)

this reminds me i need to get a fall wreath going for my door. i am putting it up the SECOND it's offically fall (september 22nd)! haha :)

Day Old News said...

Very cute! I can't hang a wreath on my stupid condo door (lamesauce rules), but I want to put one inside somewhere...just have to find the spot.

Danielle said...

It is cute but I'm not sure my fingers would even allow me to touch anything orange! Ha! You're a true friend to make something for a FL fan. Go Cats!

Glitterista said...

Oooh! I may need to make one of these--what a great craft, and I looooove the glitter letters!

Courtney Michelle said...

Love it! I especially love it because I am a huge Gator fan! Go Gators! :)