Wednesday, April 4

Wednesday Weekend Recap

Little late on this one but wanted to share some pictures of our weekend. Saturday and Monday were obviously bit days for UK!! We had a fab time celebrating the Cats!...but I do admit, I'm glad basketball season is finally come to an end! On to something else...Keeneland!

It was mayhem in Lexington Monday night!! We watched the game at a friend's house and grilled out, but after the big win we went down to campus/downtown to take part in the was wild!

Saturday night after the Louisville win was crazy...seriously, downtown and campus went freaking out of control...I'm sure you saw the news. People are dumb. But we kept it tame and just hit up the bars!



Georgina Si said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time! Thank you for sharing and congrats on your win!

Turtles and Pearls said...

Love all of the pictures..Go Cats!!

Mrs Independent said...

So fun!! Congrats :)


Pink Julep Abroad said...

The Keep Calm and Go Cats t-shirt is too fun!

Erin said...

Great pictures- congrats on the huge win! Glad the SEC got another one (I'm a Bama fan)