Wednesday, April 18

WWW - Engagement photo props from GlassGirlJen

I wanted to share with ya'll a couple of the props I'm planning on using in our upcoming engagement photos! Being from Kentucky, Ben is naturally a big bourbon fan. I found this Etsy shop, Glass Girl Jen, who had nice "Mr" and "Mrs" etched glasses. I don't drink bourbon, so I ordered a stemless wine glass with "Mrs" for myself and the "Mr" rocks glass for Ben. I think these will be really cute in some pics at our favorite bar in downtown Chuck!

(some more clear photos from her shop)

Her prices are great and any of her glass items would make wonderful custom shower or wedding gifts! I also love the etched birthday martini glass, a great personalized bday gift at just $16! You could also order this for a bride-to-be for her bachelorette party and some monogrammed stemless wineglass for your bridesmaids!

So many options! Be sure to check out Glass Girl Jen!

Did you use any "props" for your engagement pictures?!


Miss Lindsay said...

o0o I really love the first set of glasses! My friend loves wine and her fiance whiskey so that would be a great gift.
Can't wait to see your pics!

Rachel said...

I love this idea! We are having engagement pictures taken soon as well!
New follower here! :)

Sarah Brooke said...

This is a really cute idea. Can't wait for the pictures!

Glitterista said...

Great great great idea! Our engagement happened over the Kate Spade Mr. and Mrs. champagne coupes which I'm very excited to use, but I would love to buy some of these for gifts. :)

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