Wednesday, December 12

WWW - Bridesmaid Attire

I'm headed to Charleston this weekend to get measured for my dress at Modern Trousseau! They measure me for it now and it will be made and ready by March. I have finally decided on all the details of the dress (how low for the back, sleeves, neckline, etc) and am ready to get it into production!

So with my dress and accessories covered, I have waited until the last possible minute to make a decision on bridesmaids' attire. I have chosen to go with Lula Kate's Sophie dress, so long as it is as pretty in person. I'm checking it out this weekend while in Chuck as well. I'm not sure about the exact fabric yet, it is hard to tell from little swatches. So hopefully I can choose one for certain while I'm at Lula Kate this weekend.

Getting things checked off! Feels good! Much to do still...mostly details, which are the fun part! According to my monthly timeline/checklist, by the end of the 6 month mark I still need to: 1. Reserve a hotel room for wedding night (kind of done) 2. Book day or transportation for the bride, groom and bridal party (MUST DO!), 3. and update passports if necessary...guess we would need to pick a destination first, I don't think Ben has a passport. 

At 5 months to go (Jan 1) I need to: 1. Select bridesmaids attire (will be complete by next week) 2. Provide bridal shower guest list to maid-of-honor (done) 3. Update registry lists for bridal showers (done) 4. Research honeymoon destinations 5. Finalize invitations design and order wedding invitations (eek! hard decision!!) 6. Check invitation proof (duh) 7. Test drive directions before printing directions card (umm that's stupid. done) 8. Reserve rental items (lighting, dance floor). 

COME ONNNNNN June 1st!!! 


megan said...

Such a pretty bridesmaid dress! Love the color you picked, too! We still don't know where we're going on our honeymoon yet..Cameron JUST contacted a travel agent two days ago!

Megan - Style Me Swanky said...

I had my measurements done at MT in November and I already got a call saying my dress is ready! It came in about 30 days after my measurements. Super fast! Have a fun, fun weekend!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

I love those bridesmaids' dresses!

Have a BLAST in Charleston. SO many great places to visit there! We love grabbing a drink at Closed For Business on King Street. The decor inside is awesome. :)

Glitterista said...

We are doing LulaKate dresses as well in the navy silk dupioni. What color did you choose? Each of my bridesmaids has a different top but a fuller skirt. I hope to find some great shoe options for them in January/February. :)

Anonymous said...

My fiance and I have just over six months! We are slowly starting to cross things off our list, and you're right - it does feel so good! :)

Those bridesmaid dresses are really cute! Are they the ones you picked out?


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