Wednesday, December 5

WWW - Forget Santa's List

Let's talk MY list! I've been marking things off like crazy lately! Ha, at least a few things. Recently I've booked a day of coordinator, chosen a baker and selected a cake, booked my hair and makeup gal, and started to feel like this wedding is really going to happen! It has been such a long engagement, the wedding has felt so distant and not really like I've been planning my wedding. I don't know how to explain it...But now we are under the 6 month mark, 5 months on Jan 1st!

This is the picture I showed the baker for our cake. We switched it up a bit and added a monogram. The cake will be buttercream rather than fondant (which I love the look of, but hate the taste), so it may look a bit different. I'm on the hunt for a stand and topper!

I'm at the point where I'm not just gathering ideas and selecting vendors, I have to make real choices, like what the cake flavors will be and what flowers I want in my bouquet - rather than the "feel" I want for the flowers :) Oh, and bridesmaids dresses. I don't know what it is with me and bridesmaids dresses but I cannot decide on one for the life of me. I want the palest of blues, silk, and a flattering cut. I've got to decide by January so that we have plenty of time to get the dresses in and have them altered if need be. Thinking Lula Kate or Anna Elyse.

I still haven't decided if I want to pay for a videographer. I know our photographer will give us amazing pictures, so do I need to spend the extra cash on a video? Did you all use one? Any suggestions for Lexington?

Here is my updated list...I need to stop adding this to it!!

1.     Set a date
2.     Book a venue
3.     Book photographer
4.     Engagement photos
5.     Book videographer
6.     Book band
7.     Ask bridal party to be in wedding
8.     Create wedding website
9.     Book florist
10. Buy wedding dress
11. Select bridesmaid dresses (will do by end of Dec)
12. Select and order groom & groomsmen attire
13. Find veil
14. Book cake baker
15. Buy cake knife and server
16. Order save the dates
17. Finalize guest list
18. Antique cake stand
19. Cake topper
20. Ring pillow
21. Order save the dates
22. Send save the dates
23. Order guest book
24. Register
25. Reserve hotel room blocks
26. Hire a calligrapher
27. MOB & MOH dress shopping
28. Find wedding shoes
29. Choose wedding jewelry
30. Find garter
31. Clutch for bride
32. Sash or belt for bride
33. Something old
34. Something new
35. Something borrowed
36. Something blue
37. 6 pence
38. Hire Day-Of Coordinator
39. Make day-of emergency kit (coordinator provides)
40. Going away outfit (maybe)
41. Book makeup artist and hair stylist
42. Wedding favors or photobooth (if photobooth then picture book)
43. Getting ready outfit for bride and bridesmaids
44. Menu tasting
45. Cake tasting
46. Hair and makeup trial (April)
47. Get measured for dress (Charleston, Dec 2012)
48. Dress fitting in March, then take it home to KY and 
have alterations done closer to the wedding date 
49. Order invitations
50. Send invitations
51. Bridal party gifts
52. Purchase wedding bands
53. Put together picture list for photographer
54. Get marriage license
55. Book transportation for wedding party
56. Welcome bags
57. Gift for Groom
58. Music selection for band
59. Playlists for cocktail hour
60. Book wedding night hotel room
61. Order thank you notes
62. Tips and thank you notes for vendors
63. Signs for bar, guest book
64. Distribute timeline/contacts to family/vendors/DOC

1.     Book musician
2.     Book church
3.     Pre-marital counseling (through church)
4.     Wreaths
5.     Yard sign
6.     Programs
7.     Confetti
8.     Music selections

1.     Book caterer
2.     Order rentals
3.     Decorations for bride and groom’s chairs
4.     Candles (votives, votive holders)
5.     Bar menu sign
6.     Framed family wedding photos 
7.     Cocktail music etc
8.     Monogram table runner for cake table
9.     Escort cards and table number signs
10. Make table assignments and seating charts
11. Painting (or something) for the fireplace
12. W for over bar area
13. Monogram napkins
14. Personalized cocktail napkins OR drink stirs
15. Flip flops
16. Accessories for the bourbon bar(cigars etc)
17. Sparklers
18. Bandaids, or anything for bathrooms at club
19. Card box…??
Rehearsal Dinner:
1.     Book venue
2.     Rehearsal dinner music
3.     Rehearsal dinner décor/flowers/cups
4.     Rehearsal dinner caterer
5.     Rehearsal dinner rentals
6.     Order invitations
7.     Send invitations
8.     Music selection
9.     Slideshow
10. Signs for food, etc
11. Napkin and utensil packets
12. Table runners

Sunday Brunch:
1.     Choose a location (Invite close family & bridal party)
2.     Order Invitations
3.     Send invitations

1.     Bachelorette party (booked)
2.     Bachelor party
3.     Bridal showers
4.     Book honeymoon
5.     Honeymoon shopping
6.     Bridesmaids Luncheon
7.     Groomsmen Golf Game


Steel Magnolia said...

Please please please book the videographer even if it goes over your budget. I cannot tell you enough how much we cherish our video. On our first anniversary we didn't look at one picture - we watched the ceremony, listened to the toast, and watched the 30 minute mini-movie that was put together for us. Married friends of mine are so jealous they didn't do the same thing.

Also - I know my parents watch it from time to time, and my in-laws have shown everyone who comes over.

You will NOT regret spending money on the videographer, I guarantee.

Mrs. HaHa said...

Have you heard of Jenny Yoo? I used her for my BM dresses and loved her designs. I'm not sure her color scheme gets as light as you'd like, but it's worth a look!

We didn't hire a videographer for our wedding, but we did have a family member record the ceremony and speeches for us. It's nice to have but honestly we've only watched it twice in the two years we've been married.

Nikki said...

Sounds like you have gotten a lot accomplished. Right around the 6 month mark is when I started getting a lot accomplished. As far as a videographer, it was not in our budget so we did not hire a professional. My parents did however surprise us and have a family friend video the entire ceremony, speeches and dances and I love it!

Anonymous said...

Aside from rain-soaked table decorations (thanks for forgetting to bring them in, caterers!), my biggest wedding day regret was not having a videographer. The ceremony flew by so quickly and I wish we had it on video to watch!

Kristin said...

videographer is SOOOOOO worth it

J&KgRiFF said...

Biggest regret was not hiring a videographer. My pictures are great but it's not the same. I would definitely do it

Rachel said...

We didn't book our videographer until 2 days before our wedding and it's the best decision we made!
I was very much on the fence about it, and it was out of our budget, but well worth it!

Amanda said...

I just dealt with this situation and got married 4 weeks ago and we booked our videographer a month before the wedding and I think I would be SO upset if I had not hired him. I was always on the fence but even after seeing my pictures there's a hole missing that the video replaces. The pictures don't do first looks justice or the emotion of the ceremony etc! Pop on over to my blog real fast and you'll see my video I just posted.. Definitely give it a BIG thought. I even mention that I used some wedding money we got before the big day to pay for him and I don't regret it one bit!!

Katherine said...

your blog has become my go to place for wedding info, happy planning sweetie it's going to be amazing!! thank you so much for all your help

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that is such a long checklist! Do you think you really need to do it all? I'm waayyy behind if it's all necessary.

I haven't really thought too far into the details, I guess. We've gotten the basics done (or in-progress) like venues, dress, rings, etc. but there is a lot of smaller stuff I didn't think of.


Lauren said...

Love this! I made my own list and it's super gratifying to check things off once they are done!