Thursday, March 28

My Bachelorette Party Favors/Survival Kits

I promised I would do a separate post on the bachelroette party favors I made for the ladies who attended my bachelortte weekend in Charleston.  I wanted to do something that could be a true favor and also double as a "survival kit," because I think they are cute! I've blogged about making bachelorette party survival kits in the past, you can find them here and here.

I ended up getting each girl a monogrammed acrylic tumbler and filling it with goodies. You can find tons of the tumblers on Etsy.

I included M&Ms, elastic hairbands, energy drink mix, face toilettes, mints, hand sanitizer, and Advil. 

Then all the ladies had them to drink out of for the weekend! I think they turned out super cute! 


KatiePerk said...

Those turned out great! So cute and practical!!

Kristen said...

LOVE these! So cute. I love that the tumblers can be used for the bachelorette weekend.

Shannon said...

I was planning on doing this for a bachelorette party this summer, and I LOVE having them in the tumblers!

Kristin said...

Love those!

Glitterista said...

What lucky friends! These are adorable.

mr dixpoio said...

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