Thursday, April 23

kids playhouse & macs

How adorable are these card table play houses for kids?! I'm definitely making one (one of these days) for logan! They are felt and so long as you are capable of tracing some shapes I think it would be a pretty simple (if not intricate) project! I bet you could even make it a no-sew project - or at least get away without sewing the decorations onto the box like by using that iron-on transfer stuff. What do you sewers think? Would that work?
Logan is really into playing pirates right now, we call it "arrrrging," so a pirate ship would be really fun to do! Plus, it stores easily by just folding up the card table! Love it! 

from this etsy shop!

Also, for those of you who have macs - have you had to buy a new battery? I've had my MacBook Pro for like two years and the battery is COMPLETELY SHOT. Like, it won't stay on for ten minutes without being plugged in. SO annoying! I really just don't want to invest the more than $100 for a new battery. Ugh.

I know, I know...I should be studying. Ok, back to it. Bye~


Katie Lake said...

I had a G4 iBook (gasp - so old) and it is still fine. The battery was recalled but I never got my new one and it still works great. However, one of my besties has a macbook and her battery is the same as yours. She has to keep it plugged in at all times.

Katy said...

My first pro did that. It was at 0% for forever and a day. Apparently Apple did a battery recall for many of the macs and mine was in the recall, so I got a free battery shipped to me and I just had to ship the old one back.

I just had to call and talk to a representative. They looked up my serial number and verified that it was in the recall and a few days later I had a new FREE battery. You should check that first.