Tuesday, April 28

ummmm that test sucked. i mean seriously!! i'm hoping for a c-. hardest test i have ever taken. ugh. oh well, its over now!!

in other news, i'm going to talk to a mortgage company tomorrow about possibly buying a condo. i don't have a job, BUT, there is a condo i want in the best part of town that is up for foreclosure and i i could get such a great deal and take advantage of the 8K from the gov. for first time home buyers...basically it would be less than what i pay in rent. we shall see. have any of you purchased a foreclosure home?

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BRD said...

Ooh, a home owner! I would love to buy my own place but in DC you can't get anything decent for less than 300K. That's not happening for awhile.... Keep us posted on that! Hope it works out!