Monday, April 6

Weekend in Review

My weekend flew by! I was super busy with school stuff. Saturday was the law school's community service day and I went with the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund to a local no-kill shelter and spent a few hours volunteering. It wasn't glamorous work - we basically scrubbed walls and emptied litter boxes - but we got to play with lots of dogs and cats! 

Sunday was SALDF's Puppy Palooza, a fundraising event. We had expected rainy weather but lucked out that it was a gorgeous day! We had a great turn out and raised a lot of money for both the Animal Care Society (the no-kill shelter from Sat.) and Ally Cat Advocates!

Me and an adorable Frenchie
Some of the Silent Auction Baskets

and a few more
smiley Blaze was an attendant 
informational booths set up at the park


BLC :o said...

Aweeee! Xoxo-BLC

d.a.r. said...

I just found your blog, I'm a 3L! Oh I wish my law school had something like this, what a great thing to do!!!

Anyways, your blog is cute, hope you don't mind me reading!