Friday, April 3

sewing machines

I've been wanting to purchase a sewing machine for a long time now, but I haven't invested in one yet. I don't need anything fancy, just something pretty basic, user friendly and moderately priced. I have never used a sewing machine and this Brother 25-Stitch Sewing Machine for $67.99 at Target seems like it might be a good buy. Do any of you use this machine? If not, do you have any suggestions? 


Katie Lake said...

Brother is a good brand as is singer and kenmore. I have a basic kenmore. My biggest suggestion is to sign up for a tutorial. There is a great store here that does a 1 hour how your machine works tutorial for $30. It is so much easier than reading the instructions.

~*~Lilly~*~ said...

I was just reading your back blogs & saw this.

I will suggest buying your machine directly from a sewing machine dealer or like a singer store. I have been sewing since i was 5 (4 if you want to count the strips of cloth i once called barbie clothes. lol) but one suggestion is, target and walmart are good for great buys on other things, but not sewing machines. It's sorta like, ummm thongs....would you ever buy thongs (or something large and complicated) from a discount chain rather then from a more reputable store? lol

Okay bad analogy...but long story short - even sewing machines have different levels of quality & target/walmart discount chains get the dollar store version :)