Monday, November 1

Halloween Recap

Saturday was Brittany (Barbie) & Pat's annual Halloween Party. It was so much fun! & their house looked so cute all decked out in spooky decorations.
 Chels, Lauren, Brittany & me
 fixin' my ballerina
 big bad wolf & little red riding hood
 the lovely hosts...and it was Pat's birthday too!
the food table...wish I had all the detail pics to share with ya'll!
Sunday Ben and I stopped by to visit this little "PoPo"! He was so cute!! We took him down the street to trick or treat at Britt's and Pat gave him his GI Joe riffle from the night before. Logan was pumped :)

What did you all dress up as for Halloween?

PS my phone went missing Saturday night...please pray for its safe return to momma :(


Glitterista said...

Such cute costumes! I didn't dress up this year, but am already brainstorming for next year. I am thinking I may have to convince the bf to be Paul Bunyan and I can be Babe the Blue Ox. ;)

Brown Girl said...

Those costumes are great, we had a lady in our office dress up as Barbie one year and her name is actually Barbie. ;)

Natasha said...

those are some of the cutest costumes i have seen this year!!! love it

Miss Type-A said...

so cute! R's phone went missing saturday too. He finally got his back-- hope you do too!