Monday, November 1

VOTE Wilkie!!

To all those voting in Lexington....

from a local attorney:

"I am asking for your support in tomorrow's Fayette County District Court judge's race. We need to elect KIM WILKIE as our next District Court judge. The Fayette County Bar Associationconducted a poll amongst it's  members who regularly practice against our current judge and practice with Kim Wilkie. The bar results were overwhelmingly in favor of Kim and against his opponent, Maria Ransdell. Kim has the knowledge, the experience, and the demeanor to run an efficient and civilized courtroom. The Herald-Leader conducted interviews with each candidate and also looked at the poll results and they also are putting their support behind Kim Wilkie. TheFraternal Order of Police have also put their support behind Kim. 

District Court judges are very important and touch each of our lives.  No one plans to go to court, but sometimes that's where you find yourself.  District judges make rulings  on traffic violations, emergency protective orders, evictions, probate matters, juvenile proceedings, misdemeanors, and whether a felony can proceed to the grand jury. This is an important election and I hope that you will consider this email when you cast your vote tomorrow and please pass it on to your Fayette Co. friends if you do not live in Fayette Co.  I am asking this of you both as a former prosecutor and an attorney that regularly practices in District Court." 

{Plus he has a badass dog!!}


Lauren said...

amen! I've told everyone i know about this as well.

Katie said...

Congrats!! You won my giveaway!! Glad to see that you are passionate about election day too!!

Jill said...

How could I NOT vote for a man who puts his dog in his ads?! hello! :) I thought of you this morning while at the polls hehe