Tuesday, November 23

Ornament Swap Partners

Cathleen & Jill : Catty8784@gmail.com, ukjill@gmail.com

Mags & Lilly: mcarson85@hotmail.com, lillyfrog@yahoo.com

KB & Ms. Bright: no email for KB, thebrightlifeblog@yahoo.com

‘Stine & Marissa: hellolovr@gmail.com, no email for ‘Stine

Jennifer & Lyndsey Ward: jmjohns81@gmail.com, LDW129@aol.com

Sugar & Hilary Lane: rosser.nicole@gmail.com, clemsonhil@gmail.com

Amy & Lauri Crowe: no email for amy, lauricrowe@gmail.com

AZach99 & Sara Lang: amandakzachary@gmail.com, saralang@gmail.com

Kwak & Erin: kchacosky@gmail.com, erinraehowell@gmail.com

JoyG & Ally: JOYD723@gmail.com, medical.prepster@gmail.com

Alicia & Laura: aligirlcooksblog@gmail.com, lauracrabtree@gmail.com

PinkLouLou & Glitterista: pinklouloulove@gmail.com, glitterista@gmail.com

Teaching in Heels & Jess: SeeMJTeach@gmail.com, jraeharvey@yahoo.com

Brittany & Katherine {me!}

Please contact your partners & get their mailing address and what not. Then send out your ornament to your partner by Wednesday, December 1st (or try to get them out by then!) Remember the spending limit is $12 (obviously if you really want to spend more you can & you don't have to spend up to $12). Also, you do NOT have to make your ornament, feel free to purchase one or make one!

** i didn't have email addresses for 3 of you. if you are one of those 3 please email your partner!**


Glitterista said...

Thanks so much for hosting this! I can't wait to find an ornament for my partner! :)

'Stine said...

Sorry about that! I emailed Marissa! :0)

Amy said...

Sorry too..



mags said...

Thanks for doing this - sooo nice of you!

Ally said...

Thanks for much for organizing this!! :)

Brittany said...

HONORed to be your partner in the ornament swap. can't wait!!! :)