Tuesday, November 9

Lexington got Groupon!

I was excited to find out that Lexington recently got groupon.

How it works:
1. Get It

2. Check your email, Facebook or Twitter feeds for daily deals on cool local businesses.
3. Share It - Groupons are more fun when used with friends. Pass along deals by email or broadcast them to your social networks. (you don't have to share it)
4. Enjoy It - Print the voucher or bring it up on your mobile device, then present it at the business to get your deal

Today I bought 3 visits to BounceU for $10. This would usually cost about $30. The deal is good for 4 months...so I can take Logan 3 times this winter since it will be too cold to play outside! Something fun for me to do with him and got a great deal!
A lot of cities have Groupon. Use the link above to go to their site and see if your city is one of them. You could also sign up for several cities if you travel a lot or plan on vacationing in the upcoming months.

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