Tuesday, November 30

fab gift idea

How cute is this?! & for $18 makes a great, personalized gift for any of the ladies in your life!

Monogrammed scarfs from THIS etsy shop.

I'll take one in teal. kthanks.

Monday, November 29


2 ornaments that I absolutely NEED...

undergrad school:
and law school:
found HERE

Saturday, November 27

gameday baby

gameday today! here are some pics from this past tailgating (football) season!

headed to watch the game with good friends :)

Wednesday, November 24

le sigh....

OMG, TDF. swoon....

and no, you didn't miss anything. i'm not engaged...yet. but when i am, Esther may have to be mine.
{Vera Wang, Esther wedding dress}

and of course I need these to go with:

Tuesday, November 23

Ornament Swap Partners

Cathleen & Jill : Catty8784@gmail.com, ukjill@gmail.com

Mags & Lilly: mcarson85@hotmail.com, lillyfrog@yahoo.com

KB & Ms. Bright: no email for KB, thebrightlifeblog@yahoo.com

‘Stine & Marissa: hellolovr@gmail.com, no email for ‘Stine

Jennifer & Lyndsey Ward: jmjohns81@gmail.com, LDW129@aol.com

Sugar & Hilary Lane: rosser.nicole@gmail.com, clemsonhil@gmail.com

Amy & Lauri Crowe: no email for amy, lauricrowe@gmail.com

AZach99 & Sara Lang: amandakzachary@gmail.com, saralang@gmail.com

Kwak & Erin: kchacosky@gmail.com, erinraehowell@gmail.com

JoyG & Ally: JOYD723@gmail.com, medical.prepster@gmail.com

Alicia & Laura: aligirlcooksblog@gmail.com, lauracrabtree@gmail.com

PinkLouLou & Glitterista: pinklouloulove@gmail.com, glitterista@gmail.com

Teaching in Heels & Jess: SeeMJTeach@gmail.com, jraeharvey@yahoo.com

Brittany & Katherine {me!}

Please contact your partners & get their mailing address and what not. Then send out your ornament to your partner by Wednesday, December 1st (or try to get them out by then!) Remember the spending limit is $12 (obviously if you really want to spend more you can & you don't have to spend up to $12). Also, you do NOT have to make your ornament, feel free to purchase one or make one!

** i didn't have email addresses for 3 of you. if you are one of those 3 please email your partner!**

Monday, November 22

last day to sign up

Today is the last day to sign up for the 2010 ornament swap. Just leave a comment on the original post HERE.
And BTW you do NOT have to make the ornament. You are more than welcome to purchase one to send to your partner. For example, last year I sent a box of vintage ornaments.

{little owl from Anthro}

Friday, November 19


a Theta rap song to kick off your weekend...

Happy Weekend All!!

PS remember to join the ornament exchange HERE

Thursday, November 18

on my list

my Christmas list that is....Hunter Wellies. Practical & cute! But, what color should I ask for?



or aubergine?

i think i need some cozy welly socks too!

{and just so all you little elfs know, these are all available from Piperlime}

Wednesday, November 17

custom wreaths

Wanted to share with you all the wreath I made for Miss Caroline

If you are interested in ordering a custom wreath (maybe a christmas wreath?!)
shoot me an email at justlovelykatherine@yahoo.com

Tuesday, November 16

Ornament Swap 2010

Ok ya'll, it's time for the Just Lovely Ornament Swap! If you would like to join in leave a comment on this post & make sure to leave your email address. You do NOT have to have a blog to participate (cough, cough Brittany), but please only sign up if you will definitely participate. I'd be super sad if someone got left out!

I think we should get this underway soon bc a lot of ppl put their trees up right after Thanksgiving. So, the deadline to enter will be Monday the 22nd. I'll pair ppl up and list the pairs on Tuesday the 23rd. Please send out your ornament to your partner by Wednesday, December 1st.

I'll set the spending limit at $12 and get creative! Last year my partner sent me a local ornament from NYC which was really cool! Hope ya'll play along!!

Monday, November 15

thought i'd share

a fave wedding of mine....just because :)

I saw this wedding a while ago and have been in love with it since. The sparkly dress and vintage inspired details....sigh...

all photos from Jennifer Dery Photography.

Friday, November 12

looky what I won

I won custom stationary by Emma J Designs from Kentucky Blue Belle
Thak youKatie for hosting the fab giveaway!
Look what Emily designed for me:

these custom double sided note cards...aren't they to die for?! Emily was so great! Be sure to check out her shop and her blog!

and yes, now all of you have my last name..stalk away! hahaha :)

Tuesday, November 9

Lexington got Groupon!

I was excited to find out that Lexington recently got groupon.

How it works:
1. Get It

2. Check your email, Facebook or Twitter feeds for daily deals on cool local businesses.
3. Share It - Groupons are more fun when used with friends. Pass along deals by email or broadcast them to your social networks. (you don't have to share it)
4. Enjoy It - Print the voucher or bring it up on your mobile device, then present it at the business to get your deal

Today I bought 3 visits to BounceU for $10. This would usually cost about $30. The deal is good for 4 months...so I can take Logan 3 times this winter since it will be too cold to play outside! Something fun for me to do with him and got a great deal!
A lot of cities have Groupon. Use the link above to go to their site and see if your city is one of them. You could also sign up for several cities if you travel a lot or plan on vacationing in the upcoming months.

Thursday, November 4


i've been searching for a set of botanical prints to hang in our living room but never found a complete set in which i liked all the print. but, i found a guy on ebay who made me a "special" collection. aren't they pretty?!

ben will be SO thrilled that i'm adding more pink to the condo :)

Monday, November 1

VOTE Wilkie!!

To all those voting in Lexington....

from a local attorney:

"I am asking for your support in tomorrow's Fayette County District Court judge's race. We need to elect KIM WILKIE as our next District Court judge. The Fayette County Bar Associationconducted a poll amongst it's  members who regularly practice against our current judge and practice with Kim Wilkie. The bar results were overwhelmingly in favor of Kim and against his opponent, Maria Ransdell. Kim has the knowledge, the experience, and the demeanor to run an efficient and civilized courtroom. The Herald-Leader conducted interviews with each candidate and also looked at the poll results and they also are putting their support behind Kim Wilkie. TheFraternal Order of Police have also put their support behind Kim. 

District Court judges are very important and touch each of our lives.  No one plans to go to court, but sometimes that's where you find yourself.  District judges make rulings  on traffic violations, emergency protective orders, evictions, probate matters, juvenile proceedings, misdemeanors, and whether a felony can proceed to the grand jury. This is an important election and I hope that you will consider this email when you cast your vote tomorrow and please pass it on to your Fayette Co. friends if you do not live in Fayette Co.  I am asking this of you both as a former prosecutor and an attorney that regularly practices in District Court." 

{Plus he has a badass dog!!}

Halloween Recap

Saturday was Brittany (Barbie) & Pat's annual Halloween Party. It was so much fun! & their house looked so cute all decked out in spooky decorations.
 Chels, Lauren, Brittany & me
 fixin' my ballerina
 big bad wolf & little red riding hood
 the lovely hosts...and it was Pat's birthday too!
the food table...wish I had all the detail pics to share with ya'll!
Sunday Ben and I stopped by to visit this little "PoPo"! He was so cute!! We took him down the street to trick or treat at Britt's and Pat gave him his GI Joe riffle from the night before. Logan was pumped :)

What did you all dress up as for Halloween?

PS my phone went missing Saturday night...please pray for its safe return to momma :(