Thursday, June 9

attn dog owners

I don't guess I've ever shared with ya'll about where I work...I work for an equine and small animal pharmaceutical company. One of our products is PolyChews. I wanted to tell all you all with dogs about it bc it seriously works wonders for dogs with joint health problems. Like seriously works! Ben's grandparents' dog has really bad hips, she started taking them and has a much easier time getting up and down now. My friend Rebecca's dog's legs were giving out on him several times a day and she said the PolyChews have helped him tremendously. So if you have a dog with arthritis you should definitely consider giving them PolyChews. Send me an email & I'll send you some samples if you want to try them out!
Or you can purchase them from Amazon.
and no, I'm not a sales rep. :)


JMB said...

Hey girly! JUST read your post! My little Daisy May (yorkie) has luxating patellas in BOTH her legs (grade 4's - the wors level- of course we go big or go home!) anyway, I would love to try these out! Sending you an email now and I am always looking for ways to help her anyway I can...I cannot stand to see her wobble on her back hind legs (we had surger on one and I think her other surgery is in July!)

Jocelyn said...

Hey Hey! I have a black lab that has a lot of arthritis pain. I would love to try these out on her! We are always looking for new treats to give her that are good for her body!

I'm unable to get your email because I don't have Microsoft outlook. Do you mind to email me?

Thank you!!

California Wife said...

I would LOVE to try these for our dog Reilly! She's on glucosamine and pain meds for her leg, and we haven't really noticed much improvement!

My email is Could you email me, I couldn't get the email link to work because I don't use Outlook.