Sunday, June 26

Denver post...a little late

Went to Denver for was so beautiful there! I'd never been before. Here is a recap in (mostly) pictures:

 It was hot there but there is NO humidity. Amazing! It is stupid humid here in KY, so this was certainly a lovely change. What wasn't nice, was that my allergies were horrible there...think it was the sage?

 Hotel where The Shining was filmed

 not a bad view, eh?!

 Up close and personal with some Elk
 I fed them some of this...
ok, so not really. that would be like forced cannibalism.
I was exhausted when I finally made it back to the Bluegrass last Sunday. Left for the airport in Denver at 4am and arrived home around midnight. ugh.

anyhooo...True Blood is coming on right to run! LOVE it!!


Ms. BWIT said...

Ughh allergies get me everywhere I go too! I love that Chandelier you took a picture of. I'm obsessed with them lately. Also loving that big bear!! Looks like fun, putting Denver on the bucket list!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Denver looks SO pretty. I've always wanted to go out West and visit. It seems like the sort of city where everyone is laid-back and friendly!