Monday, May 7

busy busy weekend

Ben and I had a rather busy weekend...mostly fun things. Friday night, our friends Cameron and Lauren had a party for his graduation (he earned his MBA). Then Saturday, of course, was the Derby. Our friend Meredith hosted a Derby Sanchez party!! We had a great time at both parities.

(Lauren sewed all of these bow ties for the decor as well as the table runners etc. Didn't she do a fab job?!)

(Wild man Brady! Cutest thing ever!)

Sunday we had to head South to sort through my grandmother's estate. That was really hard. I am happy I got to take home some of her good antiques and things that were special to her. My dad and uncle are having an estate sale this coming weekend and it will be very hard to see all of her things go with strangers :( But she had far too many things for even all of us combined to take. Nanny had very unique pieces, an amazing collecting of primitive antiques (17 & 1800s), which are hard to really incorporate into most decors. We all kept what we wanted and the rest is to be sold.

I kept those things that I that would remind me of her on a daily basis and some items I thought would be lovely mixed in with a more modern decor.

 Part of life I guess....

(one of her not "good" quilts we were actually allowed to use! I kept a couple good ones (like $500 good!!) as well. I love that they were my grandparent's but also the history behind them. Interesting to imagine the person who made them painstakingly by hand so long ago.)

Finally, Sunday night we celebrated another graduation, my cousin Alan got his bachelor's degree from UK!

Busy weekend. Back to the grind today...How was your weekend?


Dreams Do Come True said...

sad when families have to have an estate sale.

Glitterista said...

What a beautiful quilt and picture. I'm sure it will be great to have those pieces to look at for years to come and think of her.

Your friend's party is adorable, and the bowties are perfection! Love all the blue and white. :)

Sarah Wyland said...

I love those Derby decorations! Cute, cute bowties.

That quilt is beautiful, but the stories it holds are even more beautiful. :)

Natasha said...

derby sanchez??? that is AWESOME!!!!