Wednesday, May 23

WWW - Vintage topper

I'm on the hunt for the perfect vintage cake topper. Obviously, both bride & groom must be brunette. I also want something that has some sort of arch. Any ideas of where to looks besides etsy and ebay?!

This one is ok...not sold on the silver touches though.

The arches on this one are super cute!

and this one would be perfect if the bride were brunette...

Any ideas?!


Georgina said...

I found several browsing on pinterest (of course).

I hope this helps!

How cute is this one!?

From SMP of course:

Sweet Carolina Wife said...

I used the same topper that my parents had on their cake, and since the bride was blonde, we decided to (very carefully) paint her hair brown. It ended up being perfect and was so cute on top of our cake! If you find one that has blonde hair that you really like, go for is super easy to fix it!

Lauren said...

Just get out your crafty-ness and paint the blonde a brunette with a fine tip paintbrush!