Wednesday, May 30

WWW - Things I will be DIY'ing

We're not going for a DIY wedding look, so I won't be doing much crafting per say for the wedding (the rehearsal dinner will be a different story!) but there are some projects for the wedding I plan to tackle on my own. If I would have the time, I'd do the flowers myself, but I assume I will be crazy to leave that to some professionals.

Here are some of the things I'm going to take a stab at doing myself -

Little tags for the send-off sparklers...these will be for after the reception.

Maybe a version of these cute little envelopes filled with confetti attached to the programs?! I love photos of the bride and groom being showered after the ceremony! I'd like my programs to look more like the ones below though...I'll likely make them myself as well.


I'd like to make some signs for our signature drink and the bourbon bar. I will probably buy this calligraphy font for most of the paper products I'm going to make. 

I don't know yet where the bars will be set up...but I'm loving the monogram made out of greenery above this bar. Maybe out of boxwood? 

I will definitely be making some welcome goodie bags for our out of town guests. Likely to include: bottled water, snacks, tylenol, maybe a local treat or two and a cute map of Lexington.

These cute thank you cards for our guests are on my list as well. I don't know that I will do one at each seat (may do napkins in a bow on the plates), but perhaps in a gold frame on the tables.

Did you DIY things for your wedding? What did you do?!

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April of A. Liz Adventures said...

I love all of your inspiration photos. I did a fair amount of DIY but also decided to not drive myself crazy with tasks that were too large and time-consuming.

I did all of the printed materials -- programs, info cards for hotel check-ins, menu cards, table numbers. I also did calligraphy on all of the placecards and escort cards. It was a labor of love!

Pink Lace and Cupcakes said...

So much fun! I loved doing little DIY projects for our wedding - which wasn't very crafty - Out of town bags were my favorite:)

Carolina Charm said...

I love ALL of these ideas! You are going to have such a fabulous wedding! These are the perfect items to DIY! LOVE the calligraphy and bourbon bar!

Miss V said...

Not that I'm even engaged... but let's be honest every girl likes to plan ahead ;) These are GREAT ideas and I am so happy you shared!! I agree and prob won't have a very DIY wedding however these little ideas seem simple enough and just the right touch of handmade without feeling too "crafty diy" if that's not the look you're going for! Totally adding some of these to my "one day" list!! xo.

Lilly said...

My sister did the thank you note project and people loved it! She actually placed it on the back of the program instead of designing and producing another printable for the table settings. Guests said they loved reading it after they were seated at the ceremony before the wedding began. Something I would have never thought of! Best wishes on your wedding planning!


Danielle JustDandy said...

I wasn't allowed to have fire at my venue cause it was a real art museum, so no real candles or sparklers, so I used glow sticks! I made a cute tag like that too, mine said, "Thanks for lighting up our lives" I know kind of corny... but it was a really cute since they were lighting our exit! You could do something like that on your tag too! LOL...

OH and PS.. CHANEL font is free and looks very similar to that font!

Glitterista said...

I am doing almost the exact same things! I want to do something for sparklers, all of the paper products including programs and signs. I can't wait to do welcome bags, and I'm also doing table signs and possibly something fun with the napkins or runners on the tables.

Love the W monogram by the bar! :)

Mrs. Type A said...

Love your ideas! I did our centerpieces [just hydrangea in a mason jar with grosgrain ribbon], escort cards, programs, place cards, table numbers, a sign for the menu, and a sign for the bar menu... a lot!