Wednesday, June 16

nothing new to report

well kids, i have nothing exciting to blog about. i've been studying like crazy...yet still feel like i haven't been studying enough. i will be so happy once july is over! this is my life:

ps - you can get our own cute sticky notes and Lilly pad from Lifeguard Press right HERE!


Becky said...

very cute sticky pads and you have good handwriting too :P

CowgirlLawyer said...

At least you have pretty flowers on your desk (:

Amie said...

That is the prettiest darn study area I've ever seen. Mine was a filthy mess of strewn papers and crumbs and empty pop cans.

LOVE your hydrangeas.

kanishk said...

Enjoying some reading on your summer vacation? :)

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Ashley said...

I would have to agree..I bet I would have aced nursing school if I had that study area! Thanks for sharing, I'm glad I came across your blog!

Lauren said...

Good luck studying for the bar! I'm sure you'll do great!