Sunday, June 6

thank you

I am a BIG thank you note sender. I always appreciate when someone takes the time to send me a hand written thank you, so I figure I should do the same for those whom I need to thank! So naturally, I was excited when Lifeguard Press sent me these Lilly Pulitzer notecards to review. What's not to love? They come in a little hardcover book that looks super cute on my desk! I just used them to send a thank you to the parents' of the bride whose wedding Ben and I attended last night. 

you can order yours HERE!

and how cute are these!!?! *love*


carmar76 said...

oh, I'm in love!! those are terrific!!

Preppy Little Dress said...

Love those LP notecards!

emily said...

ADORABLE!!! wishing i was able to review them!!! =)

DrayaAnn said...

Those are so darling!!! I love the little dresses on them!