Monday, June 7

a wedding story

Ben and I ventured to Owensboro for a sorority sister/ former roommate's wedding. We attended the ceremony at a beautiful old church then headed to the river front for the reception. Everything was beautiful, classic and understated. Mary Katherine is really laid back and she was such a cool, relaxed bride. Oh, and the band was AWESOME! 
the view was beautiful and they really lucked out that it was a gorgeous night...if not a little toasty!
miss these girls!
Um, this cake was soooo good! I may or may not have gone back for seconds :)
Singing the Theta songs to MK


Danielle said...

A girl after my own heart, I LOVE wedding cake!

Monique said...

Such beautiful pictures!

DrayaAnn said...

I love that the wedding reception was by that bridge! Your friend's dress is beautiful too! Love a good southern wedding!

California Wife said...

Don't worry about seconds on the cake, I'm always the guest at weddings that steals uneaten cake while the guests are dancing!

BLC :o said...

Oh what fun! Aren't weddings the best!? Xoxo-BLC