Monday, February 18


Well folks, I was a bad little blogger last week and took the whole week off. But I'm baaaaaaack. Where is that from? The Shining? Not too much new going on over here. BUT, Ben is home, finally!! WOO HOO! I'm a happy girl :) 

Got my February Birchbox this weekend. It was a bit delayed due to the snow storm up north last week. Got some goodies! This Vasanti face wash is awesome. It has a great amount of exfoliating stuff in there, not too harsh, just right. I've gotten the Color Club nail polish before, seems pretty run of the mill as far as quality goes. But the color is a pretty, bright red...nice for spring. I love the little Twistbands, but the big ones aren't as great. I'm waring this one now, but I don't think they have enough grip to really stay in place. Another perfume sample...blah blah blah. Oh and best part, a Ghirardelli chocolate square. Carmel, my fave! 

My bachelorette trip to Charleston is just 15 days away! A long weekend with 13 of my favorite ladies! I'm SO excited for this trip. It will kick off the wedding festivities and I can't wait to get things underway. How adorable are the invitations for the lingerie shower the girls are throwing for me?! I love them! I've been working on the bachelorette survival kits that I'm brining for all the ladies in attendance.

 And finally, I shared this on Instagram, but here is a sneak peek of our amazing wedding map that CaligrafiaBella made for us. It truly is lovely! I can't wait to use it for wedding things...not sure where yet. I'm thinking some post cards for the out of town bags. I need to use them somewhere else too, too pretty not to!...any suggestions?

Oh and let's chat about Downton...WTF?! Its all gloom and doom across the pond! I mean seriously. Shit it depressing! Okay. That is all.


C said...

I love those invitations, so adorable! You must have great friends!
Have fun on your bachelorette trip ( :

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

You are staying in my faaaavorite part of Charleston, have fun! If you need bar/restaurant recommendations, hit me up, but I think you've got a great handle on it already!

Katy said...

With the larger twistbands I tie a knot above the one that they tied. It helps keep everything a little tighter and doesn't slip off.

Gabriella Pacifico said...

Love those invitations!! Will have to get to Charleston one day!

Glitterista said...

What about framing the map near the guest book or place cards? Love your bachelorette invites--I'm sure it will be such a blast! :)

I was more than a little disappointed with Downton. I can't wait to see what the next season brings--hopefully happier news for the family!