Tuesday, February 5

Needlepoint Belt

I had a few requests to do a blog post on the needlepoint belt I just finished for Ben. I've made 3 other belts in the past, and I always start out all jazzed about it then burn out and put it aside for a long time. I've been working on this one off and on since like September. For those of you who have not done needlepoint before, it is super easy, just time consuming. About a million little diagonal stitches. In and out, in and out....gets old. 
For newbies, I would suggest you find a needlepoint shop near you and go in to chat and get a quick lesson. The hardest part of the belt making in the binding stitch (the part that folds the extra canvas over to the back and adds the finished edge). I hadn't done a belt in like 3 years, so I had to call over to M's Canvas House here in Lex and ask them how to start that stitch again. They also have youtube tutorials that were super helpful.

{Woobie modeling his first needlepoint belt circa 2006! Isn't he the cutest?! Just a baby here, 24!}

{This was his triathlon belt}

Basically, once you finish the actual needlepoint, you take that into the store and they add the leather and buckle to it. The total cost of a belt is about $150. It also depends on if you want a custom painted canvas or you purchase a pre-made one. I have done 3 custom and one pre-made. They can also add a monogram/initials to a pre-made canvas.

If you don't have a local place, you can order the canvas and thread online (I'm not sure where you would get it leathered though!) The first belt I did for Ben, I had M's paint and it took like 6 weeks to get the canvas made and was pretty pricey. This time I ordered from Needle Paint online. The price was better, but not the quality. It did only take about a week to get in, so that was nice. They don't paint the canvases by hand, so you don't get the precision you get if you take the other route. I would suggest you shell out a bit more and have your canvas hand painted if you want custom.

{This one was his favorite "Lexington" things....or really just some of his fave things...hunting, running, golf, bourbon, UK. My manly man ;) }

{what the backside looks like after the needlepoint is finished}

{the canvas folded over from the binding stitch}

And here is a belt that I started for myself in, ohhh I think... 2007, that has sat unfinished for a good 5 years. Too bad KJT won't be my initials much longer!
Below you can see what the unfinished canvas (without the thread) looks like as opposed to after it has been finished. 

So, hope this help! If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment or shoot me an email!


Emily said...

This is so cool! I've tried to figure out how to do needlepoint a few times before, but have yet to actually make any progress!

xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com

Heather said...

I swear it's one of those things they teach you in college in Lexington. That, and how to bet at Keeneland!

I haven't made one in years -- I used to do them all the time -- and am kind of getting the itch to do another one! Somebody really should talk me out of it.

Elizabeth Gordon said...

my mom did one for my dad for christmas and we went to eye of the needle here in Lex! I love them and think they are so classic & Southern. I would love to make one, if I had a man to make one for. Looks good!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

My boyfriend has been begging me to make him one of these for quite some time! Yours are great!

Just found your cute blog...now following! Stop by mine and say hi sometime!

Glitterista said...

Starting needlepoint has been on my to-do list for years and years. Do you suggest starting with a smaller project first if you are a needlepoint newbie?

Seth Berman said...

That is beautiful Katherine! Thanks for sharing! Also, congradulations on the wedding!

One helpful note: if you prefer a rolled edge on your belt (vs using a binding stitch), there is a shop in Kentucky that does this for no extra charge. http://www.lynninsko.com/

To do the rolled edge, you just need to stitch two extra rows above and below with a normal stitch and this will be folded under the belt and give a nice clean look.

Also, having helped create the hunting belt design, I did want to mention one good thing about NeedlePaint.com (my company).

We create the designs digitally ahead of time, so you people can actually see their design before we make the canvas.

Depending on the design, this can be very helpful, as we can make adjustments and add or remove things, change background colors, etc... (which we did on this project a few times)

I do have to agree with you about hand painting though, it is the cleanest way to get a design onto a canvas. There is no substitute. But, since we made your canvas, we've improved our process, and with our stitch guides. We do quite a good job and have had great feedback with lots of repeat customers.

You can see more on our <a href="http://blog.needlepaint.com>blog</a>

Thanks again, great post!

Pam said...

Hello, you belt is beautiful! I am in the process of doing one for my son. Can you tell me where you got your graph for the turkey and it looks like you have a deer on there as well. Thank you for any help you may give me :)

Pam Cook Prcook321@gmail.com

Richard Cohen said...

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