Wednesday, February 20

WWW - Rehearsal dinner details

As you all know, we are having a laid back BBQ for our rehearsal dinner. For dessert, we are serving pies from the yummiest local pie shop, Missy's (Ben's fave!). Because it is a BBQ, I ordered these sweet little vintage bride and groom pig salt and pepper shakers to put on the pies as a "cake topper."

 To serve the pie and ice cream, I want to order these kraft food boats with  blue gingham basket liners. We decided to go with a blue theme rather than red. 

Going for something like this: 

I think it's the little details like this that really make a party unique and memorable!  


Mandy said...

love this idea! Fun and laid back :) don't forget to serve some drinks in mason jars!

Amanda said...

Yay!! We did a BBQ rehearsal dinner and paid homage to our alma mater at the same time. It was a blast! I just posted our recap last week!! We even had all our guests wear red and white.

Glitterista said...

Those "cake toppers" are too cute! I am sure you'll have so many amazing details that your wedding weekend will be the talk for years to come. :)

Albert einstien said...

I will definitely come back to your site to see more splendid posts like this one.