Sunday, March 22

DIY brunch invites

In an attempt to save some money I decided  to DIY the invites for the brunch I am hosting for my friend next month. I ended up with 20 invites for less than $20 - and that cost includes a sticker making machine! 
Me at my little craft station (excuse the beer)

I purchased two 10 packs of plain 5x7 flat cards with envelopes at Michael's. I used a 40% off coupon (in every Sunday paper) and got these for about $6. 

I drew up the invites in Photoshop and just printed them out on the flat cards. I wasn't sure how to set the printer to print the small size paper so I went over to the Paper Source website and borrowed one of their templates and copied the invite on to it in Word. Because I couldn't get the monogram to open in the Word template in color, I just printed the whole thing in black. Oh well. The monogram looks like the one that I had made into a rubber stamp - but I have yet to receive it in the mail. I'm excited to get it bc I got some pretty spring colored ink pads! 

Then I thought the invites looked kind of boring, so I decided to jazz them up a bit by making envelope liners with some Martha Stewart scrapbook paper that I already had from another project. I made a template by cutting off the flaps of one envelope and used it to trace around. The liners don't need to go all the way to the bottom of the envelope so I didn't make the liners the full length. 
The invites and envelopes w/out the liners.

and after

Pretty much it! Then I wanted to print some labels on the computer but the label paper I had had smaller size labels than I wanted. So, I went back to Michael's and got a sticker making machine (really excited about this, I've always wanted one!). I had a 50% off coupon they emailed me, so I got the machine for $10! I also got some scalloped scissors to mimic the scallops on the monogram. I printed out the addresses in pink font and cut them and then ran them through the sticker maker to make my own address labels! 

Dropped these babies off in the mail box this afternoon! 


All-American Preppy said...

Wow, those look great! You are super talented :)

SweetPea said...

This is really impressive!