Sunday, March 15

my life's work

I've been working on this darn needlepoint belt for myself for like two years now...well, I haven't actually worked on it in like a year and a half. I also have one that I'm making for my little cousin that is all things golf and it is in the same unfinished state. I just can't seem to make myself finish them up! I have completed one in the past though, for Ben, so I know that it is possible!


Meagan said...

Good luck! The belts do take forever, but well worth it. I love them!

Pretty in Pink said...

haha ... I almost made ex bf one of those and i heard how long they took and quickly changed my mind :) i still love them though!

All-American Preppy said...

Wow, I can't believe you can do needle point! How did you learn?