Monday, March 23

ok, how about these?

Ok, I just ordered these to go with the Derby outfit...

IN MY DREAMS. haha. I wish I could have those...but alas, I am a poor, sad, lowly law student...still searching for some nude pumps that I can afford AND like...hmm. 

I have pearls (of course!) but idk, they may just be too simple. So I can either wear my single strand, borrow my mom's triple strand, or get one of the following J.Crew necklaces.  

These are both kind of longer. But for some reason I really like the locket. 

and maybe this clutch for some color?
Thanks for all your input! 


BLC :o said...

Hi K! I have the long pearl one from JCrew and LOVE it!!! Highly recommended by yours truly. Xoxo-BLC

PS: Do you read le petite blog? She talkes about what the wear in her latest post for the Derb. :)

Life at the White House said...

LOVE that clutch (I'm a pink fanatic). Did you end up buying it and happen to remember where it's from............this would look perfect with a dress I just bought!