Monday, March 30

do you cook?

bc I don't... and I need your advice! 

Like I've written about before, I'm hosting a brunch to celebrate my best friend's engagement. The thing is it is at the horse track and I'm kind of unsure of what food to bring. I like to bake, so definitely some muffins! I'm also making cupcakes (well, probably) because the brunch is at 10:30 but it is also kind of a tailgate before the horse races so we will be out there enjoying ourselves for a while! :) 
So my question is, do you all think I should make a big casserole, fruit salad, quiche? Or should I get some bagels and toast them that morning and set out some flavored cream cheeses? 
Do you all have any good recipes? Preferably EASY! 
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theluckiestmrs said...

Ooh! I think that a brunch engagement party sounds like SO much fun!
Some easy brunch/appetizer ideas that I love are: the classic monkey bread, fruit salad, sausage balls (you know-1 lb of hot sausage, 2 c. of shredded cheddar cheese, 3 c. of bisquick), and this recipe a friend of mine used on Pillsbury's website:
The tartlets are SO cute, and you can add bacon or ham if you want!
They are all ridiculously easy and really yummy!
Oh-and I don't have a good recipe for it, but I adore a good french toast casserole!

Pink Peonies & Pearls said...

I think that a casserole would be wonderful! It will be easy to make and will feed a lot of people! I also love the muffin idea because they are simple, most people like them and can look adorable in a cute little basket :)

hGb said...

I will post the easiest recipe ever for derby pie! tea sandwiches are easy and so cute.I also have a great pasta salad recipe. I just did the whole race tailgate thing last weekend and I was pleased with our food. let me know what recipes you want and I will email them to ya!

Legally Fabulous said...

I made awesome banana nut muffins on St. Patrick's Day... let me know if you want the recipe, they were heavenly!

Puttin' On The GRITS said...

I just tried to email this to you but it was sent back to me...
My best friend had a brunch a year ago and I brought these two little treats that were a HUGE hit. The first is a mini white cake cupcake with icing and topped with coconut. It just looks adorable! And because it's early in the day, the mini cupcakes are the perfect size without being overwhelming.

The second are my infamous mini lemon tartlets. Depending on how many people you'll be the freezer section near the pie crusts they sell "PHYLLO Pasty Shells". They look like mini tart shells. I usually buy 2 packages of them.
The filling is a mixture of:
8 ounces heavy whipping cream (near the coffee creamer)
1 teaspoon cornstarch
1/4 cup confectioners' sugar
1 cup lemon curd
I'd recommend tasting it to get the desired tartness/sweetness. Lemon curd is near the jelly on the top shelf. It has a much better flavor than lemon juice alone and you need the consistency. Mix those together and pipe (I use a big plastic bag and cut the tip off) each phyllo shell about half full. I think the Phyllo box says you're supposed to bake them but I don't. They are already baked and I serve them straight out of the fridge. Once each little shell has some filling in it, I top each one with a fresh raspberry turned upside down. I promise they're simple (no bake!) and delicious!

I attached a picture so you could see how adorable they both are.

Rather than getting a picture here is a link to where the pic is in my blog..

Kaitlyn said...

my grandma always made quiche with bisquick... the recipe is on the box! she always put her personal touch by adding extra green veggies to keep it healthier!

Katherine said...

great ideas ladies! thanks so much! i'm definitely going to go the mini muffin and cupcake route - easier to eat standing up and such! good idea! and the sausage balls and mini quiches and tarts sounds great too! mmm...

Kayce said...

Those muffins look delicious! I just went to a horse race this past weekend. We had a blast. We did momosas, bloody marys, beer, ham delights, chicken enchilada dip, deviled eggs, etc.