Monday, February 8

not much to report

hey loves, sorry for the lack of posting lately. i haven't really had anything very interesting to blog about....just same old same old. i have been working on some projects around the house, but none of them are finished just yet, will share when complete!

the bluegrass is expected to get several inches of snow tonight and tomorrow. hoping classes get cancelled, hate driving in the snow!

hope all ya'lls weeks got off to a good start today! be back soon with something more interesting to write about!

{photo of downtown lex from flicker}


Juliana said...

K~Do not apologize honey---I always remind people that the internet is a place and not a thing. We get so caught up in our blogs--that I know I forget that sometimes and feel gulity for not posting. Lovely picture. Have a good week!!

Tiffany said...

I was just at the Kentucky Theater last week

Miss Anne said...

NO need to apologize, i hear ya, some weeks just whiz by and you have a busy enough life. :)

Glad to see you posting!

stay warm!

Colin's Mom said...

How exciting! I just found your blog and based on this post, you look like you're a fellow Kentuckian! I'm a Lexingtonian too and I love finding other bloggers from here! I'm excited I found you. Have a great day!