Tuesday, February 2

somethin' is cookin' in our kitchen...

SO, after a mere 3 months, I've decided that I don't like the blue color in our kitchen and that it has to be changed. Ben isn't pleased (as he will be doing most of the painting) but luckily we don't have much wall space in the kitchen anyways.

The walls will be going to this:
"Wheat Bread" by Behr, and then I'm considering doing this board and batten on the walls in the "dining area" that is still in the kitchen....not sure yet bc I don't know how they would look butted up against the cabinets.
there is a great tutorial and pictures (including the two above) that you can find here!

have any of you attempted to DIY board and batten? how did it turn out?


KatieSPerk said...

We need to paint our kitchen and I am dreading it... But I like the color you chose!

Jennifer said...

I love your colour choice! Im off to check out that link!

I left something for you on one of my blogs:

Happy weekend!