Thursday, February 25

Shall we?

Let's do some window shopping at Anthro ... with no budget....Here are some items currently in my shopping cart/wish list:

stamp art dress. pretty & love the pop of aqua.
swathed gingham blouse. love this for summer with white jeans!

solar star blouse. this would be cute & work appropriate with a black pencil skirt.
Salitre blouse. love the pattern and bow. would be pretty with dark jeans or white pants.
leading role dress. ruffles!! perfect jersey dress for summer.
four petal cardigan. i always love the contrast of black and white. this would be pretty with a black pencil skirt.

collective leaves tank. love the rope detail.

buds & stripes top
for some reason i like this tank. the front is silk and the back is jersey. i think it would be cute with black capris and heels.

ok, that was back to school work. bleh! be back tomorrow with my DIY nailhead trim headboard and new artwork for the bedroom...stay tuned!


Miss Type-A said...

oh my gosh i was JUST looking at the first dress online the other day. It is so adorable!!

Red High Heels said...

Weird!! I just did a post of shopping at Anthro today too!! And we even had some of the same pieces! Great minds think alike!

Brown Girl said...

So many cute things! Now I just need a bucket o' money!

BLC :o said...

Is it bad that I want one of each!? Xoxo-BLC

Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

I will take one of each, pleeease!

anonymous prep said...

The stamp dress and the four petal cardigan have me drooling! I've been avoiding Anthro because everytime I go in there I spend far too much. :)

sarah said...

Anthro has so much fabulous stuff lately! It's killing my wallet!

Patience said...

This post makes me want to go shopping so bad. Great picks.

CowgirlLawyer said...

How come 99% of cute clothes are not work appropriate?! I want like all of these but I'm trying to force myself to build an "attorney" wardrobe and stop buying so many things I can't wear into an office ):

ChatTeaKathy said...

I am in love with all. I don't know why, but that last top is totally standing out to me. So classic! I hope 3L yr is treating you well. As a fellow 3L, I am ready to leave this law school thing behind for sure.

California Wife said...

Thanks for commenting over at CAwife! I'm now following your blog, it's too cute.
You have a ton of cute things in your Anthro shopping cart too! The ebay dress you mentioned is just one size too big, but I'm almost tempted to try it and get it altered! Thanks for the link!